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Some of them think it’s personal,

It was never personal,

It's Just Business.

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About Us

About us

Mafioso with eyes crossed out

We’ve spent years in the industry getting dumped on by so called callers, getting rugged by so called devs, and getting our thunder stolen by the fat cats that do what they do for the so called greater good of the industry.


Interest rates, consumer price indexes, Gensler and the rest of those guys. Just Business ($JB ETH) is here to prove that we, the little guy, still have a say in how things work. Stealth launch, no bots, no insiders – pure old-school stuff. $JB is a token for you, it’s a token for me, it’s a token for your Grandma, so long as you remember the golden rule:


"It’s nothing personal – it’s just business."

How to buy

How to buy

Get Yourself a Wallet

Go over to, add the wallet addon, and follow the steps that the web app gives you to get your wallet. If you’re on your phone, head on over to the App Store or the Play Store and search for MetaMask.

Fund it With Some ETH

Assuming you haven’t burnt the house down yet, throw some ETH in your wallet. If you don’t have any ETH in your wallet, you can buy it directly off of the Metamask GUI, send it from a different wallet, or send it from your CEX of choice.

Head on Over to Uniswap

Congratulations, you’re halfway there. Go to and connect your wallet. Paste the JB token contract address into the Uniswap GUI, select JB, and confirm it. You should get a pop-up asking you to confirm, confirm it, and you’re a million bucks.

( Make sure you have the right JB. )

Trade your ETH for JB

Once you’ve thrown everything in the mix and adjusted slippage, slap that big Swap button, confirm it in your wallet, wait for a minute or two for the txn to go through, and you can crack open a glass of Dom – you’re a part of the JB lounge now.

JB pepe with Vitalik


1,000,000,000,000 Total Supply

90% of tokens have been added to Uniswap with 10% remaining on deployer for CEX listings and promotions.

Thanks to the fact the team has worked hard to bring this token to V3, there is no buy or sell tax! Long gone are the days of 30% tax scams.

Nothing personal tax farms, just business.



Trade you ETH for JB

Stage 1: New York

Stage 2: The Five Families

Stage 3: Cosa Nostra

Stage 4: The Old Country

Stage 1:

• Stealth Launch

• Remove Bots

• First Word from Checkeredface

• 1000+ Holders

• Get $JB Trending on Twitter and Dextools

Stage 2:

• Partnerships with other meme projects

• Token promotions with KOLs and publications

• T2 CEX Listings

• Making the Just Business Lounge for Holder Paisans

• 5000+ Holders

Stage 3:

• Just Business Merchandise

• Just Business Cross-Country ARG

• The Final Word From Checkeredface

• Nancy Pelosi onlyfans leak

Stage 4:

• T1 CEX Listings

• Corporate Partnerships

• Regulation Takeover

• Jerome Powell has a little accident


Are you ready to be a part of the family?

Join the custom Discord server created to house some friends of ours who know what just business is all about.

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